Styling decor beads in your home. Decor bead strands add texture and beauty to your home

Decor beads are a fun and easy way to add interest & beauty to any vignette

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about the products we make is, “what are decor beads strands?” My answer…they are a beautiful decor accent piece that adds a pop of texture and interest to a vignette. But how exactly do you style them? If you’ve never used them before you may not see a use for them. Prepare to fall in love because I am going to show you a few ways to easily incorporate them into your home decor.

Draping a strand of decor beads over a book stack is one of the most common way to display them.

Did you know we handcraft and sell a variety of décor bead strands in our shop? I started crafting the strands years ago as a hobby. I am so humbled to now have the opportunity to have the strands I create become a part of our customers homes. It’s definitely a pinch me moment to think about the fact that the strands I’ve created are now in people’s homes all over the country!

When it comes to creating a vignette it is important to include layers

Let’s talk layers! When it comes to decorating my home, just like a cake, the more layers the better!! If we’re sticking to a cake analogy, and why not?!… Then think of the decor beads as the pretty layer of extra frosting on the cake. Not the base layer, we’re talking the beautiful added layer of frosting flowers and balloons that as a kid we’d fight over. (Okay, I’ll admit, even as an adult I still want that piece.) So the beads aren’t the frosting on the cake, they are the extra frosting… ya baby!!

Here I incorporated a wood & glass mixed strand of beads with seasonal colors to add an extra layer of visual interest.

How many strands is too many?? Answer: You can never have too many!

Once you see how easily a vignette is transformed by adding decor beads to it, you will realize you want them in every vignette. I’m not just saying that because I sell them. Truly they make styling your home so much fun!

Pictured is one of our looped strands. I placed it at the base of a candle to add extra texture to this vignette.
Our full glass strands make a statement. Pictured is the pale blush with ivory tassel.
There’s really no rhyme or reason to how you style the beads. I draped this strand on an old book to add that extra layer with the candle and brass bunny.
Our Aquamarine full glass strand is one of my favorite colors to use in spring and summer. Here I draped it over an old flea market spindle that I painted.
Our jumbo looped strands make a statement with their oversized tassel. A large vase is the perfect way to display a jumbo looped strand.

Changing decor strands out seasonally is the perfect way to incorporate the colors of the season throughout your home

If you are wanting to add in a seasonal touch, or incorporate a color scheme into a space our glass strands always make a statement. The wood and glass strands are full of texture, so you can’t go wrong there either. We are constantly adding new colors and patterns of strands to our shop. It is fun to let the colors of the season inspire us to create new options for our customers.

For my Valentine’s Day shelf decor I added a strand of wood beads with a blush pink tassel. The color tied into the shades of pink I used throughout this space.

You Can never go wrong with neutral

Not sure where to start?? Decorating is supposed to be fun, so don’t overthink it. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to adding decor bead strands to your home…go neutral. Neutral strands can be used year round and fit into any style or color scheme in your home.

I added a wood strand with cream tassel to this vessel to keep things neutral. Candles and a touch of greenery finish off the look.

Are you ready to add the extra frosting to your cake?

Alrighty, are you inspired to incorporate decor beads into your decor? I hope this was a helpful way to get your creative juices flowing. Now, go style those beads and tag us on Instagram to show how you styled that extra layer of “frosting” to your decor.

Styling Decor Bead Strands in Your Home