Crisp mornings, falling leaves, shorter days, chilly evenings curled up by the firepit…it’s officially Fall!! Time to cozy up our homes.

Bringing in natural elements like pumpkins and greenery can cozy your home too. Read more about how I implement these items into my decor HERE.
Seasonal pillows & throws are essential to instantly transform the look of the room for the season. Even if you keep a neutral base, a pop of seasonal color instantly transforms the look.

Start with throw blankets & pillows in colors of the season.

Creating a cozy home doesn’t have to be hard. Throw blankets and pillows are always a great jumping off point for adding cozy vibes to any space. Start with the colors you love most then build from there. I typically keep a neutral base with my throw blankets and pillows then splash in seasonal colors to change the look. This not only cuts down on having a lot of excess items that need stored, but it really makes it effortless to add the seasonal, cozy touches. The pumpkin pillow pictured above is the only true seasonal pillow I have on my couch, but it easily makes a statement of the season. I love shopping at places like Homegoods and TJMaxx for pillows. They are very affordable which makes it easier on the budget to switch them out each season.

I use a large basket to store extra pillows and blankets in our living room. The accent “hello pumpkin” pillow in the basket is from Bullseye’s playground at Target, so adding this seasonal piece only cost $5. Success!!
Our pup sure knows how to get cozy. This view is from a couple of years ago. Same pillow as the last photo, but I pulled in some deeper fall tones into my decor that year.

You can’t go wrong with adding candles to cozy a space

Adding a candle to the side table makes this spot even more inviting.

A yummy smelling candle instantly makes a space feel cozy & inviting. My favorite candles are from Antique Candle Co. They are clean burning, last forever, (16oz. size has an average 80 hour burn life…woohoo!) and the scents are truly heavenly. I have never smelled a scent of theirs that I haven’t fallen in love with. My fave fall scents are Pumpkin Spice, Apple Butter, Vanilla Bean, Fall Harvest, and Warm Caramel Crumble.

If you’re worried about open flames, battery operated candles are a great option too. I love the warm cozy feel in the evening when the candles I have set on timers pop on and fill the room with soft glow of candlelight.

Bring the cozy vibes into the bedroom by switching out pillows and blankets to warm fall colors

This duvet cover from Pottery Barn is no longer available, but I love the warm colors in it. I pulled from those colors to add fall touches to cozy up our bedroom. A mustard colored throw blanket, pumpkin pillow and flax colored quilt compliment the colors in the duvet.

I know decorating for the season in a bedroom isn’t necessary, but boy is it fun! I added a few pumpkins and seasonal picks and stems to create an inviting fall look, without going overboard. The pillow and blanket on the bench are an easy switch each season to pull in the colors I’m using in my decor.

We have a simple white duvet cover that we’ve had on our bed for the last couple years. This duvet set is the one we previously used. I held onto it because I still loved it, but was ready for a change. It’s fun to pull out pieces that haven’t been used for awhile and fall in love with them all over again!

I hope this was helpful and inspired you to cozy up your home for fall. Thanks so much for stopping by today! See more fall inspiration in my post HERE and follow along on Instagram for more decor inspiration.

Cozy up your home for Fall