patriotic home decor for 4th of July and summer styling

Adding festive, patriotic touches to your home decor this summer can be both easy & inexpensive

I love adding seasonal touches to my home for every holiday. When it comes to summer decor I keep things pretty simple and let my plants and flowers be the stars of the show. As Fourth of July draws nearer though, I love pulling out pops of red white & blue! The shelves in my kitchen are my favorite area to decorate for each season, so they get a full transformation.

Go-to pieces for my kitchen shelves are a mix of Ironstone pieces, cutting boards, and greenery. I add in a few seasonal pieces to add a festive look.
When I style my shelves I always add layers to add interest and dimension to the space.
Did you know we have a shop where we sell handcrafted home decor items? Click the shop tab on our home page to check out the items we have to offer. Among the items we offer are our handcrafted decor bead strands. I love changing out my strands seasonally to add a pop of texture and color to my vignettes.
This 4th of July sign was made using an inexpensive canvas from Hobby Lobby. I painted it with red acrylic paint and used a chalk marker to add the message. A very easy way to add a seasonal touch!
Thrift stores and antique malls are my favorite spots to find beautiful antique dishes. They are great for using as kitchen shelf decor.

You don’t have to go all out with your seasonal decor. Simple changes can make a big impact

In the main living area things are kept easy by simply adding flags to my existing greenery & switching out the throw pillows and blankets. Of course decor bead strands always play a part in my decor, so those get changed out to some festive strands with pops of patriotic colors.

For this area the changes were very basic. I added a patriotic pillow to my basket and a flag in the vase of greenery
Mini flags are an inexpensive way to add instant festive touches to your decor

If you only do one thing to decorate for 4th of July put up flags

The number one tip I give when it comes to adding an instant festive touch to your home decor for the Fourth of July…flags!!! My motto is the more flags the better!! I typically buy my mini flags in a pack of 3 in the Target dollar spot. The larger size are very inexpensive as well. I pay $1-$3 for the larger size depending on where I’m shopping. The great thing about flags is they are the symbol for our country, so right away you associate them with Independence Day. Pop those bad boys in every plant, floral arrangement or vase you can find and show pride for the USA!

I love collecting antique milk glass and pitchers. They are the perfect addition to 4th of July decor

Gather red, white or blue home accent pieces and splash them into your vignettes

Another way to add some seasonal color is through dishes and accent pieces. I try to keep most of my home decor accents neutral so they can be versatile. When the base is neutral it’s easy to add pops of seasonal color. The red cake stand I used on my table can be used for 4th of July, Christmas or even Valentine’s Day. That pop of color draws the eye and can really make an impact among an otherwise neutral blend of items.

Milk glass, and antique pitchers & creamers are some of my favorite items to use year-round in my kitchen decor. They add interest while at the same time being versatile due to the neutral color. On my table I grounded the centerpiece with one of our handcrafted trays and layered red & white accents with some pops of greenery and a few flags. I love incorporating my antique dishes into vignettes in the kitchen, so I added a stack of antique plates to add some height. The touch of gold on the rim ties in with the gold on the flags.

Over the years I’ve gathered a few small signs to add into my decor for the Fourth of July. I love shopping at Hobby Lobby after the holiday is over and snagging items like signs and small accent pieces at great sale prices. Etsy has some unique and beautiful patriotic signs as well.

Once the holiday is over the transition back to neutral decor is easy.

I take down my patriotic decor about a week after 4th of July. When I’m ready to change things up it will be as simple as removing the flags and pulling out the pops of seasonal color.

The blue and white beads in this decor strand work great for 4th of July. They are very versatile though & can be used all season long
An inexpensive throw pillow and flag were the only items added to this space to switch it up for the 4th of July. The bead strands can be left, or switched out after the holiday.
I love adding layers to my vignette with old books. I have a variety of colors to switch out for the seasons. Here I added the red book and flag to for a patriotic touch. When the holiday is over I can remove the flag from the plant and switch out the book. Easy-peasy!
For this vignette the decor bead strand has a pop of blue that can extend through summer. I will take away the flag and change the message on my chalkboard and viola, this space is back to a simple summer look.
Little white pitchers and cutting boards are a staple in my kitchen decor. When the time comes to take down my patriotic decor I’ll simply pull the flags out of these pitchers. The neutral base will be great as is, or I may add a seasonal floral to one of the pitchers.

My main focus for this post was to show how simple it can be to add festive touches for 4th of July.

You don’t have to get super fancy or spend a lot of money. Using what you already have on hand and adding in just a few seasonal pieces and flags can totally transform your space. Have fun adding mini flags to your outdoor space to pull the festivities outdoors! I love adding mini flags to all my planters and a bunting above our garage too.

Happy Decorating!!


Easily add patriotic flair to your home for 4th of July